Great event yet to be organised by yes8sg for the customers

Great event yet to be organised by yes8sg for the customers

No. 1 online casino will conduct a giveaway campaign this Christmas eve

Singapore:In the Christmas even, December 2019, the joy will be going to double. This is because yes8sg is organizing a giveaway campaign to add up joy in all its customers.However, with the end of the year will be memorable for the customers who are linked with the online casino singapore- yes8sg. It is the first online casino that is organizing a giveaway campaign for the customers.Jersey will be distributed by the casino operators. This is given to the customers who are the lucky winners on that day.

Among the paid members, the winners are decided and given the rewards. The members awarded and selected must be qualified according to the set rules and guidelines. For adding more prestige to the event there are three key opinion leaders invited by yes8sg. They are coming as a ambassador to the event. Also, they have promised that they will broadcast all the videos of event to their online website channels. This is the way the customers all over the world are surprised by the giveaway campaign. There are many more things that are going to be there in the campaign by both the parties.

Some of the highlights that are there of the event are:

  • Highlighting the event by the three female ambassador
  • Participation of the qualified members
  • Selection of the winners randomly
  • Yes8sg have decided to give the Chelsea jersey
  • Reference ID to all the key opinion leaders

The three KOLs that is arriving at the event are wenxian, Sabee, and TzeQian. However, this is not the first time that Yes8sg the online casino is celebrating the Christmas eve with the unique idea. But this time the enjoyment will going to be manifold among the customers. This is because there will be lucky winners in the event who are going to get the Chelsea football club logo jersey. Chelsea is having various fans all around the club and is a well-known football club.

Moreover, the jersey is going to be a surprise for the customers and the lucky winners. From the campaign it is expected to set up a large base of the customers.The campaign is decided to be held on the Christmas Eve. Online casino Singapore is doing this with a motive to enhance their profit and the customers to their website.This event will also share ground for all the Chelsea fans and yes8sg customers. The campaign will be joined by both the new and old customers.

The global clients can also become part of the campaign by the social media channels. However, the customers can also get to the campaign information when the KOLs share all the videos to the Instagram accounts.This is becausethey are well-known social media influencer. The three KOLs are having millions of followers to their Instagram accounts.  They will cover the information from starting till the end of the event. Moreover, they are the one that will announce the lucky winners among the qualified personnel that are attending the event.The winners will be announced officially by the KOLs and the social media sites of yes8sg.

Winners will also have a huge coverage with a jersey of Chelsea football club. However, through this campaign yes8sg is going to show its bond with the best football club. These are the sponsors which will make this event a great success by their efforts. This is a perfect way through which the online casino is able to thank their partners. Along with the partners that will also thank the customers for showing loyalty and trust in them.

At the decided time the event is started. The event is covered by the grand setting and giveaway campaign that is covered by the three KOLs. Customers will be live telecasted in the social media channels with the help of the key opinion leaders. This event is going to be a full joyful campaign for the customers of both the football club and yes8sg.

About the casino: yes8sg is the remarkable, reliable, and trustful casino site. However, it has won the interest of the customers by all the exciting games. This is the online casino that is available for the players who love to play the gambling and card games.It is having the growing community in the online casino and gambling world. With this campaign the casino will able to boost up its image and have growth of all the customers around the globe.Yes8sg is dealing with all the leaders of Chelsea football club.

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