FirstWinn is the new name as the official betting partner of Liverpool FC

FirstWinn is the new name as the official betting partner of Liverpool FC


The best mobile casino operator to be achieving a new milestone.

Singapore: In December 2019, FirstWinn – the leading mobile casino in Singapore proud to be the official betting partner of Liverpool football club. Besides, FirstWinn received the award of Best Casino Operator in Asia 2019. However, experiencing the growth, FirstWinn has decided that they are going to release the news of the promotion campaign on Christmas Eve of 2020. They decided to giveaway the campaign while engaging with the Liverpool football club.

The campaign will be headed by the three KOLs. The Three KOLs have Instagram handles Joey, Miko, Stella. They will be broadcasting the message of partnership with the Liverpool football club.

There are various things that the company is going to perform as part of the achievement celebration. Some of the things that they are including in the campaign are-

  • Announcement of the betting partnership with the Liverpool
  • T-shirt distribution to the invitees
  • Invitation to the three KOLs
  • Fans will get a chance to meet the favorite football players
  • The color t-shirts to the lucky winners

Among the leading mobile casino Singapore, FirstWinn is the best casino that people prefer. The deal with Liverpool will let them earn more trust among the global customers regarding the casinos that they are offering. The players of the online casino Singapore will able to experience the best betting games. They can even meet favorite players playing football. 

Moreover, Liverpool is well known for engaging its fans with this news of getting a betting partnership with the best online casino- FirstWinn. This is one of the wisest decisions that Liverpool have made. FirstWinn is the legal casino sites in both Malaysia and Singapore. By providing the customers with the best services they had gained the trust of all the customers. By adjoining with the club they are providing more services to their customers. 

Not only the casino, but the Liverpool club also is benefited from the partnership. Plus, the fans and the customers that are engaged are also beneficial from this announcement. It is acting as the best partnership for the casino and the football club. 

Apart from this, the players will get a chance to bet on the casinos and also to the football matches. While on the other side, Liverpool fans can now enjoy the fragrance of betting in Singapore and Malaysia online. 

These are the reasons that give away the right and the profitable opportunity to start the best casino gaming life online. This is the best that all the players can now experience on the best and trustable site FirstWinn. Thus, offering them with the evolvement of new gameplay. With this, the players can have the best gameplay. 

It will act as the proud moment for the players and the fans that are attached to the casinos and the football club. For achieving the present position, both the casino and the club has gone through various stages. The campaign will be the celebration of great success and the fans who are engaged in playing the game. Starting with the celebration of the grand success will give all the people a great New Year ahead. 

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Unlimited bonuses are also offered to customers with enjoyable and profitable games. FirstWinn has also won the award for the best casino operators among all the Asian casino operators 2019. 

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